Now you all know that I don’t like the term addiction, but wow!! According to a Nielsen report, an average American watches 150 hours of television each month! Do you realize that is equal to 6 1/4 days per month or almost 75 days per year!!!


Well I bag on Facebook for taking people’s time, but this is crazy. On a side note, some ask me how do I get so much done, well, I can tell you I don’t watch TV! So I have 75 more days per year to spend with my wife, kids, and students in comparison to the average American!


So, what are you choosing to do? How much time is yours, and how much is owned by your TV? What could you have done last year with another 11 weeks? Could you have gotten a book done, or gone on vacation?


I’m wondering if TV is an excuse or not? Think about it!!


Dr. Matt