TV Addiction?

Now you all know that I don’t like the term addiction, but wow!! According to a Nielsen report, an average American watches 150 hours of television each month! Do you realize that is equal to 6 1/4 days per month or almost 75 days per year!!!


Well I bag on Facebook for taking people’s time, but this is crazy. On a side note, some ask me how do I get so much done, well, I can tell you I don’t watch TV! So I have 75 more days per year to spend with my wife, kids, and students in comparison to the average American!


So, what are you choosing to do? How much time is yours, and how much is owned by your TV? What could you have done last year with another 11 weeks? Could you have gotten a book done, or gone on vacation?


I’m wondering if TV is an excuse or not? Think about it!!


Dr. Matt


  1. And commenting on blogs ? it is all a way of filling time.

  2. Waah?! That’s alot. I can’t even imagine if you add in social networking, youtubing, surfing, smart phones and just regular daily interruptions from friends, coworkers and family. I guess I don’t want to imagine that. I’ll focus on what I want, instead. 🙂

    I like this format, Matt. In a twitter-low-attention-span world this is short and yet, the message hits home fast. Thanks.

  3. Just to play devil’s advocate, what about those of us that enjoy TV? 🙂 If you enjoy something, is it really a waste of time?

  4. Hi Liz,

    Well I did think about that while writing it. And, I do occasionally watch the TV. Here is the big question I would ask. Do you sit there and wish you had more time to write a book or play with your kids, and at the same time you know about your favorite character in a show and wonder if he/she will hook up with the _______________?

    I guess that would be my test. Do you know more about your show’s life than your own? Then, I would say it is too much.


  5. Thanks Matt! That’s a good response; let your own life be the most interesting “story” in your life. 🙂

  6. Hi Liz,

    What I’ll do is rather than revolve my life around TV, I’ll fit TV in where it can provide some mental relaxation for me. Instead of watching shows when they come on for the most part, I’ll DVR them and then watch them at a time to relax, after I’ve been productive and gotten stuff done. There are only really two half-hour weekly shows that I watch, and they provide me what I’m looking for.

    In my opinion, as long as watching TV fits in someone’s path, then by all means. It’s when TV interferes with a person’s path or worse, is fit in someone’s life as if it were the path, that I question it.

    When I was at Huna, the hotel TV stayed off. I even tipped the bell service guy for not showing me how it worked. 🙂

    Just my thoughts from my heart on what works for me…