5 Secrets to Getting Yourself To Do What You Don’t Want To Do

Aloha,   In my trainings and seminars lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on what I call Empowerment Fit because I recognize that physical health and fitness is key to empowerment and optimal performance in all areas of life. As I teach about it, I see my students getting jazzed and eager to get on board and turn […]

How to Use NLP to Release Your “Limiting Beliefs”

Aloha,   Last month I wrote a blog about how limiting decisions are created and the different ways they can impact our lives. In that article, I recommended you unearth your own limiting decisions by asking yourself the following:   What are the results you’ve produced in the various areas of your life? Where are […]

How to Put Your *Brain* on a Healthy Diet

Photo: Javier Aroche   I saw a poster recently that said:   Help me understand the logic of this: Watching 2 hours of violence in a movie has no influence on our behavior. But a 30 second Super Bowl ad is worth $3.8 million because it will make us run out and buy a product. […]

Celebrate Your Obstacles

Aloha,   In life there is only one way to avoid obstacles…. Do nothing. If you are going to do something, you are going to experience an obstacle. So if they are something that we are all going to experience, we should learn to re-think the meaning of obstacle.   Huna teaches that an obstacle, […]