Advanced Energy For The New Year


Do you believe in energy?   Whether you do or do not, that is ok…   Energy believes in you.   It’s the new year and we are all setting goals and putting out best intentions,   Did you know that how you experience energy in your reality will determine whether you  achieve your goal […]

Living La Vida Purpose


    “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” — John F. Kennedy Why are you here? Who are you meant to be? That’s really the most important question you can answer. When you’ve answered that question, when you know your purpose, everything flows easily — your relationships, your career, even where […]

Stop Knocking Yourself


  A recent trend I have been seeing from various people in personal growth, is to knock other teachings, or to knock old techniques they learned.   Maybe with misguided belief that it will separate them from the rest of the personal growth teachers. Or maybe, just because they don’t get that they are only […]

5 Secrets to Getting Yourself To Do What You Don’t Want To Do


Aloha,   In my trainings and seminars lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on what I call Empowerment Fit because I recognize that physical health and fitness is key to empowerment and optimal performance in all areas of life. As I teach about it, I see my students getting jazzed and eager to get on board and turn […]