In my trainings and seminars lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on what I call Empowerment Fit because I recognize that physical health and fitness is key to empowerment and optimal performance in all areas of life. As I teach about it, I see my students getting jazzed and eager to get on board and turn their health and fitness around! Yes!


Then within a month, the emails start: “I just can’t get my body out of bed in the morning to work out.” “I joined a gym but I can’t find the time to get there.” “I loaded my ‘fridge with veggies but can’t stop craving (and binging) on Ding Dongs!” The emails all end by asking for “Help!”


These are sincere people who are determined to live according to their best intentions, not their excuses. Yet they find themselves stuck in the vortex of really not wanting to do what they know they need to do to get what they want.


Can you relate?


In my most recent Psychology Today article, 5 Secrets To Do What You Don’t Want To Do, I go over five secrets to help get yourself to do what you need to do —that you don’t want to do— to get what you most desire.


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