How NLP Helps Me Reach 80% of My Goals (and Actually Enjoy the Process)

Photo: Steven Depolo   Everyone talks about setting and achieving goals. But I’ve been thinking lately that the goal-setting process is getting a bad rap. It’s becoming like flossing your teeth or creating a budget or “creating an eating plan.” Boring.   No! Goals are the juice of life!   Goals don’t have to be […]

Learning You

Photo: Chris Florence   Here’s the deal, no one can tell you what to be or what to think. Many individuals who attend personal growth trainings learn how they think. They learn what they need to do to have success and then think, “Wow, if everyone thought this same way, things would be great!”   […]

How to Put Your *Brain* on a Healthy Diet

Photo: Javier Aroche   I saw a poster recently that said:   Help me understand the logic of this: Watching 2 hours of violence in a movie has no influence on our behavior. But a 30 second Super Bowl ad is worth $3.8 million because it will make us run out and buy a product. […]