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Are you Inciting Anger?


Did you know that our emotions and energy make an impact on our world. It doesn’t matter what you’ve chosen to be angry with or stay angry about, your energy of anger spreads out and contributes to the overall undercurrent of anger.   So let me ask you: Where are you spreading the energy of […]

The Energy of Anger


Aloha,   Over a year ago, I wrote an article  that began with “Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of angry folks out there?” I look around today and it’s déjà vu all over again—only that pervasive undercurrent of anger seems to be growing and getting hotter. What’s up with that? […]

Stop Knocking Yourself


  A recent trend I have been seeing from various people in personal growth, is to knock other teachings, or to knock old techniques they learned.   Maybe with misguided belief that it will separate them from the rest of the personal growth teachers. Or maybe, just because they don’t get that they are only […]

Empowering Your Life With Intention

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    How do you have a regular practice, that helps to keep you empowered and spiritual? It is simpler than you think and something anyone can incorporate into their life.   Start with the idea that Aristotle put forth: We are what we repeatedly do. Meaning, we become our habits. If you keep doing […]