Jamaica MER Study w/ Dr. Rosemarie Johnson

Aloha, Many of you have heard me talk about Dr. Rosemarie Johnson and her study regarding the effectiveness of NLP and MER with “at-risk” adolescents […]

SSDD – Same “Stuff,” Different Day

Photo: Rennett Stowe I get it! Sometimes we are just running the motions. Meaning, you wake up, you get the kids ready for school, you […]

Is Cheating the New Norm?

By zole4 via freedigitalphotos.net   Why do people cheat? It’s almost impossible to go through a day without hearing about some new cheating scandal. Another […]

Getting Clear on Your Purpose

Aloha,   I wrote a blog for The Huffington Post on how to get clear on your purpose. (This was in response to a previous […]