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The feedback about the blog has been wonderful, thank you all!!   I will be taking many of my past articles and posts and putting them here, and of course I will be adding new content as well. I will be posting a chapter of my new book soon and please do keep in mind […]

Holistic Forgiveness

Holistic Forgiveness: Conflicting thoughts, emotions, are a sign of needing to forgive   From my Psychology Today Blog:   In my trainings, I often ask people if they have ever noticed times when their thoughts and emotions are going in two different directions. Usually, every hand goes up.   People often experience this state when trying […]

Rethinking Spirituality

I teach classes all around the planet and when I bring up the term spirituality, there are often murmurs in the audience—and with 150 to 200 people there in the room, murmurs do not go unnoticed.   So much conflict in the world today has its roots in religion, and many people carry around negative […]