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Empowerment Defined (pt 1)

Defining Empowerment   The three aspects of becoming conscious and empowered (part 1)   I had so much extremely positive feedback from my article on Rethinking Spirituality, and I wanted to do a follow up that dealt with defining empowerment.   Empowerment is another label like spirituality, and in fact, this blog deals specifically with […]

Overcoming Guru-Phobia

Overcoming Guru-phobia: Forgiving spiritual teachers who have let you down   From my Psychology Today Blog:   I received a comment on a blog post I recently wrote and it got me thinking about the need to forgive spiritual teachers when we feel they have let us down.   There are teachers in spiritual traditions around […]

Thank you!

The feedback about the blog has been wonderful, thank you all!!   I will be taking many of my past articles and posts and putting them here, and of course I will be adding new content as well. I will be posting a chapter of my new book soon and please do keep in mind […]