Research Says We Are Made From Light!

Aloha,   Those of you who took any of my trainings probably heard me talk about how your body is wired for perfect health, you […]

Do placebos work, even when you know it’s fake?

Aloha,   I found this to be amazing! Did you know “the placebo effect” takes place even when you know you are receiving a placebo? […]

At Last, Scientists Discover Molecular Changes in the Body After Meditating

Photo: net_efekt   Aloha,   Earlier this week I posted an article about a study suggesting that ‘memories’ can pass generationally. While we’re on the topic […]

New Scientific Study Suggests ‘Memories’ can Pass Generationally

Aloha,   BBC News posted an article recently about an important study performed by Nature Neuroscience.   In this study, researchers anchored mice to associate […]