The Problem with “I’ll wait and see”

Whenever you take action to go after a goal, you’re going to run into obstacles. How you handle those obstacles determines whether you’ll consistently attain […]

How to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening

Aloha, I’m excited to be doing an interview on Tuesday the 18th at 5pm Pacific as part of the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (CLASS). […]

Forgive and Forget?

I ran into a couple of quotes about forgiveness recently.   The first one is from Henry Ward Beecher:   “I can forgive but I […]

Ho’oponopono: The Secrets to the Hawaiian Forgiveness Process


Aloha,   This month I hosted a free webinar called ‘Ho’oponopono: The Secrets to the Hawaiian Forgiveness Process.’   In this series of Empowerment Time […]