Do you love learning and growing?


Do you listen to podcasts and watch videos on how to better yourself and improve your life?


Is your social media filled with motivational content?


Do you love personal growth & development?


Do you attend workshops, events, trainings about transformation?


If the answer is YES, then this FB Live is for you! Dr. Matt covers the top pitfalls of being on the path of Personal Growth (Bonus: He actually gives you trap #2).


There are an abundance of teachings and strategies out there, but do you realize that what has worked for someone else might not work for you? You can invest a lot of time into learning something and unless you know what works for you, it is a waste of energy. Learning NLP is so powerful because it teaches you how to KNOW YOU and grow you.


Listen to this podcast to learn about one of the biggest pitfalls folks do that keeps them trapped regarding your personal growth and development and avoid being stuck in your path to leveling up.





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Music: “Reach for Success” by Scott Holmes