How setting internal boundaries is critical to your results


We often think about boundaries that involve other people and there are boundaries you need that are strictly for yourself. Boundaries are important because when you’re moving down the path, you have to define what the path is and what the path isn’t. In the parts of your path where it’s just you with no one else involved, then you need to be clear with yourself about your boundaries. For example, when I was alone after my relationship ended, my workout routine and my eating routine still had boundaries. I know when I like to work out. I know what I like to eat and what is good for me. Because I was alone, I didn’t have to explain this to anyone, yet I still had to honor my own boundaries. When I talk about boundaries with others, I explain that people crave them. Based on the universal law of as above, so below, you are craving boundaries with yourself. During our live events, I teach students about the relationship between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind (also referred to as subconscious in other schools). If you don’t set boundaries within yourself, your Unconscious Mind is probably yearning for you to create them and follow through.


What happens when you don’t set boundaries with yourself? It becomes easy to fall off the path, to dive into that tub of Chunky Monkey, watch TV rather than working on your novel, or substitute Facebook for your evening meditation. And then what? If you haven’t set up boundaries for yourself, you may not even notice that you’re heading in the opposite direction of where you want to go. With absolutely no boundaries, you’re giving yourself carte blanche. If anything goes, then that will also show up in your results.


Let’s take it a step further. What happens when you have stated your boundaries and do not uphold them? Imagine for a moment that someone you love tells you that they’re going to do something; they have made a commitment that has left you excited in anticipation. Then, this person does not follow through. How would that make you feel? How does it make you feel about the other person? The more important question is why we do this to ourselves. For many, it is easier to keep our word with others than it is with ourselves. We turn ourselves into liars, and we betray the most important relationship we have, which is with ourselves.


If this is a new concept for you, set yourself up for success and begin with small things. Remember that this is a skill; it will require effort and time towards mastery. With each little win, you will start to build momentum and the power of inertia will take hold. The dictionary definition of trust states a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. What you will find with creating strong boundaries with yourself, along with following through on those boundaries, is that you will solidify your self-trust. What can be more satisfying than being able to rely on yourself?


Just like creating clear boundaries with others sets them up to win, creating clear boundaries with yourself sets you up to win.


Dr. Matt



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