You’ve probably noticed that many hospitals and healthcare systems now offer classes on different meditation practices. Why? The medical community has finally accepted the mind/body connection that ancient healers and spiritual paths have known for thousands of years.


This connection is not a vague connection where your mind and energy have little to do with whether you’re healthy or not.


It’s a direct connection that has a HUGE impact. Scientists had to see it before they would believe it.


In the book Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton references early research where scientists studied cells in a petri dish. They were looking for a connection between the health of a cell and its environment. So, they tested out different environments and confirmed that the environment does have a substantial impact.


For example, when the dish is in a “positive environment” (meaning the dish is clean and free of debris), a healthy liver cell will divide and begin to grow other liver cells. Though in a “negative environment” (a petri dish with bacteria and contaminants), that same cell will start to mutate. In extreme cases, a healthy liver cell will even begin to become cancerous in a negative environment.


Next, they started working with energy fields to see what impact these might have. In the initial studies in the 80s, researchers used magnetic fields that they could measure. They set up both positive energy fields and unstable or negative fields. The cells responded just as they had with positive and negative physical environments; only the response came much faster.


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Dr. Matt