Fall often signals new beginnings at work. Businesses launch that fourth quarter scramble to meet optimistic corporate goals set earlier in the year. We show up to work to find that we’ve got new urgent projects to implement or demanding objectives to reach before the holidays hit. To top it off, the easy-going traffic of summer has turned into grinding gridlock now that everyone’s back from vacation!


Autumn might be a beautiful season — but it can be loaded with anxiety!


When you’re anxious you assume that a) the outcome of what’s about to happen will be negative and b) you probably won’t handle it well. Anxiety is all about how you perceive something that hasn’t even happened yet.


It’s all in your mind (along with everything else) so the key is to change your mind, right?


In my recent Huffington Post article, 5 Tips to Defeat Autumn Anxiety, I talk about what anxiety is, and 5 ways to help you through it.


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