When you think of what your body says about you, do you think about these things?

  • What your sagging middle or 6-pack abs might say to other people
  • What you “hear” from your reflection in the mirror
  • The signals your body tries to give you
  • Your body type and what that announces about you
  • What your body says to your physician or healer
  • What your body says about your character

Whatever your answer was, it indicates something about your relationship to your body.

Several years ago, here’s what my body said to me, “Matt, you aren’t really walking your talk. Based on how you treat your physical body, you aren’t really living the totally empowered life you’re telling others is possible.”

In my newest Psychology Today article “What does your body say about you?”, I help you uncover what your body is trying to tell you and why you want to be listening.

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