Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of angry folks out there? Road rage, screaming politician pundits, feuding celebrities and domestic violence—it’s like everyone’s taking their cues from Big Time Wrestling, pounding their chests and looking for someone to slam around!


My newest blog post for Psychology Today, “Are You Using Anger – or Is It Using You?” is about how to get in touch with and let go of your anger.


I have nothing against anger. It’s one of our basic emotions and, when the situation warrants it, the feeling it is natural and the energy of anger can even be useful. Anger can help us stand up for ourselves or give us the momentum to make the changes we need to make.


But when anger is a constant state—either in a society or a person—it’s rarely useful and usually destructive.


From my perspective, a constant state of anger or an explosive anger that is disproportionate to the situation indicates a root cause from the past that is fueling the flames in the present. If that root cause isn’t dealt with, the anger builds with every subsequent incident, snowballing until it seems to have a life of its own.


Read more about getting to the root of the anger in my newest Psychology Today blog post here:



Dr Matt