Fear is one of our basic human emotions. It was wired into our systems for a purpose: to signal us in times of danger and prepare us physically so we can do what’s necessary to survive. When it’s warranted, fear can be one of our most important allies.


But these days, fear has become big business rather than a helpful, valuable resource.


And for too many of us, fear is a huge factor in the choices we make in life. But decisions and choices made from fear are flawed if not downright dangerous. In my newest Psychology Today article “Is Fear Calling the Shots,” is all about the ways that fear may be showing up in your life. Fear’s knee-jerk “Run! The saber-toothed tiger’s coming!”mentality will never create the healthy fulfilling lives we want. Whereas fear used to show up only in response to real threats to survival, now its alarm sounds whenever we stick a toe outside our “comfort zone.”


Could fear be calling the shots in your life, or in certain areas of your life? Read my newest Psychology Today article and discover how to recognize when fear is calling the shots and what you can do about it.


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Dr Matt