When I’m teaching about prosperity and someone brings up the issue of debt, my answer is pretty blunt:


In Western culture, spending more than you have is a desperate attempt to mask the pain of not living your life’s purpose. If you are living your life’s purpose, you don’t overspend and you don’t end up in debt. Period.


(But how do you really feel, Dr. Matt?)


I’ll tell you how I really feel,  in my newest Huffington Post article “Has Debt Become Your Drug of Choice?”


Not only can overspending be highly destructive to your life and cause all kinds of problems and stress, it can also keep you from recognizing the real issue: That we are all here to express our own unique life purpose, and that you were born to find that purpose and live it.


This seed of our purpose is inside us and, if we don’t acknowledge it, we feel an unrelenting ache. But since Western culture doesn’t put much emphasis on “life purpose,” we find other ways to ease that ache.


To know more about how people who are living their purpose spend money, read my newest Huffington Post article here:



Dr Matt