For years my students have asked me what I do in my health and fitness path. In fact, some of you have straight up threatened me if I didn’t tell!! As many of you know, recently, I have opened up more and shared my diet; however, my workout routine has been private.


I do know that some of you know, and….. I have done my best to keep it quiet. My reason was simple; I wanted people to figure out their health and fitness on their own. And, while I believe this is a positive intention, I have realized that it also goes against some of what I teach.


Through a series of events that have occurred over the past few months, I have not only decided to share what I do (in massive detail), I have decided to integrate this with my path and what I teach. We have also partnered with a couple of people that will help implement this and assist you in not only getting into the best shape of your life, maybe even earning some income doing it.


For me, health is a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical practice, and if you don’t have one leg on a chair, you can balance for only so long.


I did a soft announcement of this in Boston at our Practitioner training and 30% of the room rushed the back table. I did a more serious announcement at the Master Practitioner training in Newport Beach back in November, and 63% of the room joined The Empowerment Partnership Health and Fitness Team.


I’m putting together a team to not only get into an amazing state of health and fitness, I want to empower you to empower others. So mark your calendar because on February 24th at 7pm Pacific, I will be hosting a free webinar announcing the opportunity to join the TEP Health & Fitness Team.


This will be an amazing opportunity to build a team that truly teaches and helps others achieve Total Integrated Health!!


To register for the webinar, follow this link:



Dr Matt