I’m starting this year with an emphasis on fitness. Why? Well, having gone through a personal fitness transformation in the last several years myself, I’ve come to understand that being in great condition physically supports everything else in my life.


And if my mission is to empower my students so they can transform the world, they need the support of a healthy, fit body as well.


My recent article on Psychology Today “Finding Your Personal Motivator for Fitness” addresses what it takes to get motivated to become fit.


Here’s the deal: Few of us will stick to a program of getting physically fit without strong personal motivation.


Why? Because moving from out of shape to back in shape (or being in shape for the first time ever) requires effort, commitment, persistence and the willingness to change. So we won’t stick with it just because our doctor or spouse tells us “it’s good” for us. We won’t stick to it to impress the neighbors or because our buddies have decided to slim down and shape up. To stay the course, we need stronger inspiration than that.


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Dr Matt