For this blog I thought I’d try something different! This is an exercise on how to feel empathetic and make objective decisions. This is great for forgiveness, resolving unpleasant conflicts, and making sure you’re choosing to do what you really want to do!


When you’re ready, let’s begin:


Think of a time when you were having an unpleasant conflict with someone else. This can be your husband, child, business associate or anyone. (Keeping in mind that at the end of this exercise you’ll feel better about it than when you started!)


1) Re-experience this situation as yourself, while using your sensory acuity to observe the other person. How is their physical posture? How are they breathing? What gestures are they making?


2) Clear that image away completely.


3) Re-experience the situation as the other person. Using the information you gathered in the first stage, step into their shoes and imagine as you progress through the experience. What are they feeling? What is their attitude? Pay attention to the new knowledge you are processing.


4) Clear that image away completely.


5) Re-experience the experience from no one’s point of view. In other words, watch the both of you from a neutral space. Notice any new information gained by this new perspective.


Now what? Well, the information you’ve gathered from these different points of view have enormous value. You can now perceive how others see you and how an entire situation can be viewed from a neutral position. Instead experiencing the world just one way, you have three and are better able to empathize with others and make more objective decisions.


Remember, while this is a very useful way to experience and gather information about the world… realize that these are just guesses. We’re guessing how the other person is feeling, based on our own perceptions and projections. This means we should test the waters before jumping in and assuming we know what another person is experiencing.


For more information on perception is projection, watch my NLP webinar Perception is Projection: Creating Your World The Way You Want It.





Photo credit: Mara