“There is a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you, this expression is unique.” ~ Martha Graham

Talking about energy – as in personal energy, not the kind that comes from dead dinosaurs, solar panels and soy beans – used to be too “woo-woo” to happen anywhere except rooms with crystal balls and incense. But times have changed. Physicists have dug more deeply to get past the atom to the quantum level. They’re now able to see smaller and smaller particles and constant movement. They discovered the space that lies between the space. And now it’s commonly accepted that everything – from your toaster to your beagle – is made up of light and raw energy.


Of course, the Ancients in Huna as well as many other esoteric practices, already knew this. Nice that Western science is finally catching up!


Recent research is also indicating that this raw energy is made of different frequencies. Just as scientists have been able to identify four distinct brain wave frequencies, I’m betting that one day, they’ll come to the conclusion that there are four main frequencies of raw energy as well.


Of course, the Ancients figured this out thousands of years ago as well.


In Huna and most ancient teachings, the four energies were fire, water, air and earth. They used these terms not because the Ancients believed that you actually had fire or earth within you, but because these terms spoke to the characteristics of the energy frequencies such as:


  • Fire: dynamic, masculine, passionate, heat
  • Water: nurturing, feminine, magnetic
  • Earth: stability, support, strength
  • Air: movement, possibility, cooling


Most of us naturally flow or express these different energy frequencies in daily life. We express the nurturing energy of water when we comfort our child. We flow the energy of air when we are brainstorming or being creative. We do it without thinking about it.


But some of us major so much in one or two of the energies, that we bring the wrong frequency to situations we face. For example, if you spend most of your time in the fire frequency — being assertive or even aggressive, taking charge, getting it all done right now – you may have trouble sitting in a hospital waiting room, waiting for the result of a loved one’s surgery. If you are most comfortable in the light, breezy, open frequency of air, you may have a hard time standing your ground in an argument.


The Ancients knew that we all have access to all of the frequencies. Practitioners of Huna, for example, realized that part of the maturing process was learning to balance the energies, and to flow or express each frequency fully whenever a situation called for its particular qualities. They practiced calling on the different energies, using chanting and hula and “ha” breathing. They observed the energies expressing in nature. They paid attention to the way the ocean ebbed and flowed,  the way the fire consumed its fuel, the way the earth supported all life, the way that air flowed freely over and around all that seemed solid. And as they observed, these ancient Hawaiians saw how perfectly the frequencies worked together. They felt those qualities, appreciated each for its usefulness, and absorbed their characteristics into their own lives.


Interesting, but what’s this got to do with us?


First, it’s helpful to know that when you’re out of synch in a particular situation, it’s usually because you are expressing the wrong energy. You might be bringing the passion and dynamic action of fire to a situation that requires the calm, stable strength of earth. Or you might be expressing the deep, nurturing quality of water to a situation that calls for the unfettered, free flowing expansiveness of air. Once you recognize that you’re out of synch, you can switch to a different energy frequency that is more appropriate.


Also, you may be unintentionally creating an obstacle to achieving your goals by expressing the wrong frequency. For example, if you really want to create a change in your life, you can begin in the airy realm of possibilities and ideas. But at a certain point, you need to switch to fire’s ability to take positive action. The magnetic quality of water is perfect for attracting a mate. But a long lasting commitment also requires the depth and steadiness of earth.


Having balance in the energies and flexibility in accessing them is an incredibly powerful tool. In our Huna workshops, we focus on the different frequencies at depth, training students to use and recognize each one. But you can start to become more aware of and skilled at using these energies to your benefit by simply observing yourself, then observing nature and paying attention to its wisdom.


Dr. Matt


Photo by: Atlanta Foundation