In this world of “prove it to me” and “I need to see it to believe it” let’s get something clear… reality is actually the opposite. In studies on perceptions, your belief and focus play a bigger role in your experience than the experience itself.


I love conversations with my children because it is amazing to hear how a child’s mind works, and it helps me with my blog topics. This blog about reality and belief came from a discussion I had with my 6-year-old daughter Skylar.


Yesterday, she came home and told me that a friend in school explained that mermaids are real. And, that if you believe in mermaids, then you will see one! I loved it!! She went on to explain that if that is true then the opposite must be true too. Therefore, she said with much certainty, “I no longer believe in ghosts, so now I will never have to see one!”


Now as an adult you may be sitting there saying, “But there are no such things as mermaids and there are no such things as ghosts.” Well, please give me a minute or so and I will relate this to our reality.


Regardless of whether ghosts are real or not, a person who believes in them will have a very different experience of reality. The wind through the tree may make a sound, but to someone that believes in ghosts, that could be a spirit.


You see, we spend too much time arguing over reality. The person that believes it, experiences it. They look at you (if you don’t believe) the same way you look at them. You are crazy for not believing in spirits or energy!


The Science of Luck


What about the luck factor? This was a ten-year study scientific study that was done to see the difference between someone that believes they are lucky versus someone that is not. Here you might say, “I was born unlucky!” Well, great, read the article below and rethink it.


The point I want you to focus on when reading this is that we create our reality, and ultimately, positive beliefs tend to manifest positive experiences. Whereas negative views of the world and one’s self tend to create negative experiences.


Enjoy this article: The Luck Factor


Dr. Matt