Hi Everyone,


Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I do appreciate it, and yes I did get to spend some downtime enjoying the day. A couple of you asked if there is anything you can get for me, and really, I am so happy with my life and path. I truly do feel the abundance and what I have received is so special. 🙂


If there really is something you want to do, you could donate to the school that Ethan and Skylar go to. They are a young independent school, and I have donated my time to be on their board to help them out. It is an amazing school that does still rely on donations to make ends meet. They are a 501c3, so it is a write off, and I won’t know either way if you do or don’t. If you do, thank you because you will make things better for about 150 kids in Kailua Kona (including mine)!


Here is the link: www.hualalai.org/support/donate.html


Mahalo, Matt James