Welcome to the Ho`omana Blog. In Hawaiian, Ho`omana means EMPOWERMENT, and this is the blog for The Empowerment Partnership (TEP), which is our wonderful seminar and training company. TEP is celebrating it’s 30th year in business this year, and we have so many wonderful things going on! Thank you all who are and have been a part of this. (See NLP.com and/or Huna.com for the work I do.)


The purpose of HoomanaBlog.com is to share mana`o, which is thoughts, wisdom and ideas. Please do keep in mind that I am only sharing from the concepts that I know, and it is not meant to make anything you know right or wrong. I am only able to share what I know! 🙂


Please have a wonderful time with the blog, and please do sign up for email notification!! (In other words, please subscribe!!)


Mahalo nui, Matt