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Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Back to The Basics


NLP- (Neuro Linguistic Programming)   NLP is not a new concept by any means.   In fact you have heard me talk about it here, on Facebook and of course in my trainings.   I am a Master Trainer of NLP, after all.  Some might say I absolutely love NLP.   They are right. I […]

True Empowerment


Do you know what it takes to be empowered as an individual?   What does that word even mean anyway?   You have a level of control of how you experience your reality by how you respond.   Time to get the deeper lesson.   Learn what cause and effect is all about.   Acknowledge […]

Success — Part Heart, Part Soul — All Up to You


  When you think about your success, let me ask you:   What do you expect out of life? What seems probable or normal to you?   Does success come easily or is it an uphill drive?   Did you know that what you expect out of life has much more bearing on your results […]

Falling in Love With Failure

image by pixabay

Aloha, Have you failed yet? I certainly hope so…   Wait, WHAT?? Did I just wish you failure?   Yep.   The value of failure is undeniable. If you think about it, hasn’t failure caused you to expand and grow and get creative with new solutions to issues? Hasn’t failure made you stronger and helped […]