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Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Back to The Basics


NLP- (Neuro Linguistic Programming)   NLP is not a new concept by any means.   In fact you have heard me talk about it here, on Facebook and of course in my trainings.   I am a Master Trainer of NLP, after all.  Some might say I absolutely love NLP.   They are right. I […]

You Are What You Eat


This was such a popular video that I had posted on Facebook a little while back.   You will hear me reference the word video and you can find it on my Facebook page.   I wanted to have this added into my podcast for you.   The message is so important. You are what you […]

Fix Your Focus or Expect Zero Results


Results! We all want them, right?!   But, do we know how to get them?   How I see it is…You either get results or you have excuses.   Successful people accept zero excuses. Let me ask…   Where are you when it comes to getting results?   Learn some key points here in helping […]

How Do You Do Empowerment?


I hear a lot of talk today about “empowering” people. I don’t want to split hairs here but it’s important to recognize that no one can “empower” another person or group of people.   That applies even to people like me whose whole mission and purpose is to “empower the planet,” and whose company is […]