The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Forgiveness

Aloha,   I’ve spent a good deal of my career working with and teaching forgiveness, specifically ho’oponopono, the ancient forgiveness practice of the Hawaiian Islands.   In fact, I wrote my PhD dissertation on it.   So I’ve got some expertise in this area, and I’ve noticed that there’s some pretty rotten advice out there […]

Stop Letting Negative People Drag You Down

Aloha,   Do other peoples’ moods affect you?   Many of my NLP and Huna students say that they feel tired and drained around negative people. It’s almost like they get sucked into other peoples’ negativity against their will.   Like hanging out with people who are sick with a virus or cold, it takes […]

What Everybody Ought to Know About Forgiveness

Aloha,   Winter is the season of reflection, letting go, and clearing away the old. In nature, it prepares everything for spring with its growth and new possibilities. That’s why I wrote my most recent Psychology Today blog suggesting we use this “down time” in the way that nature does:   To let go of […]

How to (Finally) Forgive and Move on

Aloha,   I’ve received many great, heartfelt questions recently about how to tell if it’s time to make a change in your current situation (work, relationships, and otherwise). I decided to write a new blog post  on Psychology Today that answers those questions, and to talk about how the process of forgiveness is important in […]