All You Need Is A Little Patience


    “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” — Arnold H. Glasow   Recently, I was inspired by a question from one of my students and posted a video response on Facebook. His question was, “How can I be more patient on the […]

Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening: CLASS Replay & Special Offer


Aloha, Did you miss my “Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening with NLP and Huna” interview I did for the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series?   No worries, you can Access the replay here!   Here are some items we covered in the call: – When and why you DON’T want to do affirmations – What NLP and Huna are and […]

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Forgiveness


Aloha,   I’ve spent a good deal of my career working with and teaching forgiveness, specifically ho’oponopono, the ancient forgiveness practice of the Hawaiian Islands.   In fact, I wrote my PhD dissertation on it.   So I’ve got some expertise in this area, and I’ve noticed that there’s some pretty rotten advice out there […]

Stop Letting Negative People Drag You Down

Sad woman at home. Grief female. Depression, stress

Aloha,   Do other peoples’ moods affect you?   Many of my NLP and Huna students say that they feel tired and drained around negative people. It’s almost like they get sucked into other peoples’ negativity against their will.   Like hanging out with people who are sick with a virus or cold, it takes […]