Scientists Unveil the First-ever Image of Quantum Entanglement

Aloha,   Most of you know how much I love knowledge and of course sharing what I find with you. Especially the interesting, fun and […]

Reenergize Your Life with Gratitude

Reenergize your life with gratitude

Most of us have something we want more of. We may want to be happier. We may want to connect more to those around us. […]

How Science Explains the Gut-Brain Connection


Aloha!   If you’ve been to any of the trainings with the Empowerment Partnership, you’ve heard us say that the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical […]

Dr. Matt Tip #2

Discover how respecting another person’s model of the world will help you to empower yourself! The Empowerment Partnership is the leading authority on NLP, Huna, […]