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Rediscovering Ho’oponopono


I’m starting to see a lot of talk about Ho’oponopono  popping up in articles and blogs lately. Ho’oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian process of forgiveness. And I’m seeing a number of personal growth teachers embrace Ho’oponopono as the next great thing and begin to teach it from stage. That’s great!   Except that the watered-down, […]

Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening: CLASS Replay & Special Offer


Aloha, Did you miss my “Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening with NLP and Huna” interview I did for the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series?   No worries, you can Access the replay here!   Here are some items we covered in the call: – When and why you DON’T want to do affirmations – What NLP and Huna are and […]

How to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening


Aloha, I’m excited to be doing an interview on Tuesday the 18th at 5pm Pacific as part of the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (CLASS). My topic for this interview is “Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening with NLP and Huna”   You can sign up for access to the interview and access to the replays of […]

Trust and Listen to the Universe


Aloha,   Do you realize that you get everything that you ask for from the universe?   You do 100% specifically get every single thing that you ask for. My guess is that you miss opportunities all the time because of a lack of two specific things.   First let me be clear, I’m not […]