How NLP Helps Me Reach 80% of My Goals (and Actually Enjoy the Process)


Everyone talks about setting and achieving goals. But I’ve been thinking lately that the goal-setting process is getting a bad rap. It’s becoming like flossing your teeth or creating a budget or “creating an eating plan.” Boring. No! Goals are the juice of life! Goals don’t have to be only the shoulds/obligations/responsibilities/burdens. Goals aren’t only […]


NLP and Huna for Wealth, Prosperity, Money and Energy

Headshot of Dr. Matt that says "NLP and Huna for Wealth, Prosperity, Money and Energy"

Edit: We are postponing the webinar to take place two weeks from now! The webinar is scheduled for 5/28/14 at 7:00pm PDT.  I look forward to talking to you then. Mahalo! — Aloha, Money is an area of life that keeps too many people feeling dissatisfied. That’s why I’m so excited about our next NLP […]


NLP and Reframing Webinar: How to be Persuasive in Business

Headshot of Dr. Matt that says "Dr. Matt James - NLO and Reframing: How to be Persuasive in Business

Aloha, Are you wondering how you can change peoples’ minds in a business setting? Reframing is a NLP term that’s used to describe shifting one’s thoughts and experiences on reality. It’s a technique that allows you to interpret “negative” events in a positive way. On 4/16/14 at 7:00pm PDT we will teach you the art […]


Your Money IQ

Aloha, A while back I was doing research for a course on wealth and prosperity. That research gave me the opportunity to interview people who were congruent (or as we say in Huna, pono) with their Money IQ/prosperity consciousness. To be clear, I didn’t simply interview people just because they had lots of money. I […]


The Anti-Money Trap

money mouse trap

Aloha, With our Free Prosperity Evenings taking place this week, I felt inspired to write about money. Money is an interesting area of life that keeps too many people feeling trapped and unfulfilled. That’s why, with your permission, I’m going to be blunt and in your face about this topic. Most of us are consciously […]


Free Prosperity Evenings in California

Free Prosperity Evening

Aloha, We just started the NLP Master Practitioner Training in Newport Beach and it is going great! Next week I’ll be traveling around in California with my good friend George Fokas for our free Prosperity Evenings. If you’re interested, click here to learn more information. Otherwise, feel free to check out this article I wrote […]


Is It Time To Fire Your Friend?

fortune cookie

I had (yes past tense) a good friend, and I had to fire him. Unfortunately, things just did not work out. It wasn’t about downsizing and it wasn’t an economic decision. This happened about eight years ago, and I have never looked back. You may be wondering how to tell if it’s time to fire […]


Which Energy Runs Your Life?

Psychology Today Magazine Cover

Aloha, My latest blog post for Psychology Today is about balancing out your energy. In Huna we teach there are four distinct energies: fire, water, air, and earth. Each energy has its own unique set of characteristics. This blog describes the different energies, and shows you how to identify which energy you have the easiest […]


Getting Clear on Your Purpose


Aloha, I wrote a blog for The Huffington Post on how to get clear on your purpose. (This was in response to a previous blog post on how to get the energy to achieve your purpose). After writing that first blog, several people told me they didn’t really know what their purpose was, or how to reveal […]


Aloha, I created an audio blog recently about taking action. Click the link below to listen: NLP Audio – Action We posted a survey to see what kinds of blogs you like the best (written, video and audio). Although audio came in last, an idea popped into my head that I thought would be best […]