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Could You Be Wrong in Thinking What’s Possible?

People who attend my workshops and trainings often hear me say, “Whatever you think you are, you’re more than that.” Yet many people still restrict themselves and their aspirations to what they think is “possible” or “reasonable.”   The word “possible” is defined as: Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances. And […]

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Studies Say: Cancer Linked to Unexpressed Anger

Aloha, Teaching now a days is easier than it was in the 90’s, because science is finally catching up with what we in this industry have known for a while. The mind and body are connected.   A colleague of mine, Dr. Bruce Lipton writes about the concept of how emotions effect the cells in […]


You Are What You Eat

This was such a popular video that I had posted on Facebook a little while back.   You will hear me reference the word video and you can find it on my Facebook page.   I wanted to have this added into my podcast for you.   The message is so important. You are what you […]


Fix Your Focus or Expect Zero Results

Results! We all want them, right?!   But, do we know how to get them?   How I see it is…You either get results or you have excuses.   Successful people accept zero excuses. Let me ask…   Where are you when it comes to getting results?   Learn some key points here in helping […]