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EYL 008: True Empowerment

Do you know what it takes to be empowered as an individual?   What does that word even mean anyway?   You have a level of control of how you experience your reality by how you respond.   Time to get the deeper lesson.   Learn what cause and effect is all about.   Acknowledge […]

EYL: 007 Perception is Interpretation

Our reality is shaped by our beliefs as well as our filters. We don’t see things as they are   we see things as we are. This is the premise behind perception is interpretation.   We can be in a situation with another and experience the same “reality” and experience it differently.   We only […]

How Do You Do Empowerment?


I hear a lot of talk today about “empowering” people. I don’t want to split hairs here but it’s important to recognize that no one can “empower” another person or group of people.   That applies even to people like me whose whole mission and purpose is to “empower the planet,” and whose company is […]

EYL: 006 The Day Deepak Lost It

Aloha, Even though we are spiritual beings living in a human existence…   We are in fact human and that means ALL of us.   No matter how far you are on your path to enlightenment, things can really get to you, and light you up.   The important thing is learning how to navigate […]