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4 Tips to Brush up on Your Mindfulness Practice


    “Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” — Saint Francis de Sales   You’d have to live under a rock (or be consumed by your Twitter feed) to not know about the zillions of benefits meditation and mindfulness provide. Research has shown […]

Success — Part Heart, Part Soul — All Up to You


  When you think about your success, let me ask you:   What do you expect out of life? What seems probable or normal to you?   Does success come easily or is it an uphill drive?   Did you know that what you expect out of life has much more bearing on your results […]

Change is Constant. Resistance is Futile


We’re wired to change and grow. In nature, whatever stops changing and growing begins to dissolve or die. So it is with us. Fortunately, we’re built with an early warning system that tells us when it’s time to change, but how many of us actually listen to it?   Maybe our career starts feeling too […]

Reality Real?


Aloha, I love discussions about what reality is and if reality is actually…REAL.   At my trainings I talk a lot about perceptions and reality. I have also been known on occasion to reference the holy grail of movies, The Matrix from time to time.  The premise brings up the very question of is reality […]