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EYL: 002 Getting to Know Dr. Matt

In this episode Dr. Matt gives us some background on who he is and why he teaches what he does. Enjoy getting to know more about Dr. Matt. New episodes to be added soon! Stay tuned for some great content and a whole lot of fun. Interested in learning more about NLP? Find out where […]

Quantum Jumping? Parallel Worlds?


Aloha everyone,   You all know that I love knowledge and insight and of course sharing what I find with all of you. Especially the interesting, fun and really cool stuff.   I received this article from one of my students (Thank you Aditi) and found it quite a fascinating read.   How many of […]

3 Tips to Keep Calm and Carry On


      “Sometimes I wish that I could go into a time machine right now and just look at myself and say, ‘Calm down. Things are gonna be fine. Things are gonna be all great. Just relax.’ “ —Tristan Wilds     “Keep Calm and Carry On” was a slogan that the British used […]

Are Your Emotional Arteries Clogged?


    “If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?” — Sydney J. Harris   I’ve been working on my new book about ho’oponopono (the ancient Hawaiian process of forgiveness). And though I’ve talked about it and taught it for decades now, I can’t […]