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Understanding Your Mask


    “Be sure that whatever you are is you.” ― Theodore Roethke While studying to get my PhD in psychology, I was particularly interested in Carl Jung and his ideas about how the human psyche operates. His concepts resonated with me and I find them very useful for the work I do in empowering […]

Valuing Your Values


Aloha,   Are your values really yours? Would you believe that most people I meet haven’t spent much time on this question. They tell me they’re too busy. What if I told you that becoming crystal clear on what is really important to you is the key to leading a happy, empowered and fulfilling life? It’s […]

Love… You Complete Me!


“Love!! You complete me!!!!”   Let’s be honest, have you ever said this or thought this about someone? If you didn’t maybe you watched a romantic movie and thought for a moment, “That person would so do it for me!” Or maybe you were like me, some crazy romantic nine-year-old that fell in love with […]

Do Values in Money Matter?


Aloha,   What does it take to have a millionaire mindset? Is it something you can learn or is it something you are born with? The short answer is it can be either.   I came across this article on Yahoo called Millionaires Say 1 Factor Was Key in Making Them Rich, written by Karla […]