Finding the Juice in Small Steps

SamiaAkbarWins09ATM.jpg: Samia Akbar, a 27-year-old American University graduate who lives in Herndon, Va., wins the women's division of the 2009 Army Ten-Miler with an event record time of 55 minutes, 25 seconds on Oct. 4 at the Pentagon.
Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs



I wrote a blog last week for The Huffington Post called Finding the Juice in Small Steps. This discusses why most people give up on their goals (hint: It’s not for the reasons you’re thinking)! You can learn how to avoid those surprisingly common pitfalls and achieve your goals by clicking here.








I hosted a free webinar recently on using NLP to acheive SMART Goals. Click here to view the webinar and receive a complimentary gift!


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