Are You Giving to What Matters Most?


First, for everyone in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! For everyone not in the US, well, Happy Thursday!?! Usually, I write a blog and you read it. However, this is a week of thanks. My grandfather told me that for him, Thanksgiving was always a time for reflection and contemplation of what he is thankful for. […]


The Wrong Person Won The Election!


Is that what you are saying now? Quick question, how will that affect the next four years for you? Are you saying that this event is now going to prevent you from achieving your goals and your results? “No, Dr. Matt, wrong title for the blog post. The Right Person Won The Election!” Good for […]


The Meaning of Communication is the Response You Get


This is a great presupposition of NLP. Presupposition is a fancy way of saying that this is an assumption that we believe to be true in the field of NLP. When I took linguistic classes my professor said, “If you ask for something and don’t get it, then you did not ask the right way.” […]


The “Déjà Vu All Over Again” Challenge


Aloha, With the autumn season beginning, we are noticing the leaves turning and the air becoming cooler. We’re approaching a brand new season where everything feels different… or does it? This blog for The Huffington Post discusses the cycle of change. It describes the “déjà vu all over again” challenge that many of us face […]


Striving for Excellence or Settling for Stagnation


I am here in Toronto at our NLP Practitioner Training. While Nicholas (our other trainer at The Empowerment Partnership) is on stage, I had an idea for a blog post. I see so many students on their paths. Some know how to take it to the next level, while others do not. You see, Nicholas […]


Unihipili (Unconscious Mind) and Healing


Aloha, Here is an excerpt from my book The Foundation of Huna. This is also available as a digital download. Within the Huna tradition, the unconscious mind is believed to have a blueprint for perfect health at the deepest level, possibly residing in the higher self. According to Uncle George Na‘ope, some of the first […]


Who’s That Stranger In My Bed?


Aloha, I wrote a new blog for Psychology Today called Who’s That Stranger In My Bed? Many relationship experts suggest that, during a fight, you should continue talking with your partner until your issues are resolved. But how often does talking for hours on end resolve the issue? Sometimes it does, and other times it […]


Integrating Alternative & Western Practices

NLP Hypnosis Video

Aloha, As you may know, we did a teleclass last month on Integrating Alternative & Western Practices. Thank you everyone who joined! We discussed the relationship between alternative and western practices and how these relationships can help people today achieve success, happiness and mental and physical health. The recording of the class is now available […]


Dealing with People Who Are Angry


Aloha, I have written a few blogs about perceptions and projections. Many of you have had experiences with other teachings that discuss having control over your perceived reality. Here’s a quick review: Much of our perceived experience happens in our mind. Have you ever talked with a friend or family member who had a different […]


Is NLP Validated by Research?

NLP Hypnosis Video

Aloha, An important question that students ask me is, “Is NLP validated by research?” We don’t teach techniques in our NLP trainings unless research has been done. In fact one of our students, Dr. Patrick Scott, works with people who have depression. He wrote a study that compared Mental Emotional Release® Therapy (aka Time Empowerment […]