Where’s The Love? (I Need A Response!!)

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Well ok, I’m not actually looking for love; I have a ton of that. What I am interested in is the difference in response to positive posts and negative posts. Here on my blog, you all have responded when prompted. I am grateful for that. A while back, I wrote a blog asking you all […]


Our Next NLP and Huna Webinar

NLP Webinar Series

Aloha everyone, We have had some fantastic webinars. Thank you for your support! We are doing another webinar the first week of March and I want your input. What would you like the topic to be? To vote on a topic, please click here to fill out a survey. It will take you less than 60 seconds, […]


Rethinking Spirituality and Energy


Aloha, I wrote a blog for Psychology Today called Rethinking Spirituality: Become The “You” That You Want to Be The term spirituality has taken on some new meanings in recent times. It’s been associated with many different things, some of which are good and bad, happy and sad. And for many people, none of these labels describe […]


Finding the Juice in Small Steps


Aloha, I wrote a blog last week for The Huffington Post called Finding the Juice in Small Steps. This discusses why most people give up on their goals (hint: It’s not for the reasons you’re thinking)! You can learn how to avoid those surprisingly common pitfalls and achieve your goals by clicking here. Enjoy! Mahalo, […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 5


Wow! A five-part post about aloha and we are finally on part five! Please do read the previous posts if you have not. To re-cap: A = Ala, Ao (watchful alertness, and light) L = Lokahi (unity) O = Oia`i`o (truthfulness) H = Ha`aha`a (being humble) Let’s bring it all together. The deeper teaching of […]


Some Con-Text


Aloha, I published a blog about how the language of texting can affect the mind. It’s called Some Con-Text, and you can view it by clicking the above link. While I’m not suggesting we give up the convenience of texting, there are a few aspects of electronic communication that we should examine in order to remain […]


Driving Your Basic Equipment


Aloha, I wrote a blog for The Huffington Post called Driving Your Basic Equipment. Many people in the personal growth and development field focus on gaining new skills (ex: NLP, meditation and goal setting). But there isn’t a lot of emphasis on understanding what really makes these skills and techniques work. This blog is about […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 4


In my past few posts we’ve been discussing the deeper meaning of the word aloha. Many of my mentors and teachers have told me that living by the concepts within aloha is the key to empowerment.  And they taught me about these concepts using the letters of the word ALOHA. Let’s recap. This is part […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 3


This is part three of the deeper teaching of ALOHA. Though this may be a simple one to explain, it can be a harder one to live! Make sure you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of this five-part post. The “o” in ALOHA stands for oia`i`o. Oia`i`o means truth and/or truthfulness. It’s simple. […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 2


Today’s post is the second in a series about the deeper meaning of the word “aloha.” If you didn’t get the chance to read that post, please click here and read it first so that today’s post makes more sense to you! I’m excited to discuss aloha because knowing this deeper teaching allows you to be […]