Books by Dr. Matt

Integrate the Shadow, Master Your Path

The unconscious mind is not only the key to connecting with Higher Self, it also holds all the power you need to accomplish whatever you want to achieve in life. Yet too often, our conscious desires and goals seem to be at cross-purposes with our unconscious urges and reactions.

In Dr. Matt’s most recent book, Integrate the Shadow, Master Your Path, you’ll be shown how to:

– Uncover and release the baggage that holds you back in relationships
– Tap the goal-getting capacity of the unconscious to achieve your career aspirations
– Get in synch with your unconscious mind’s prime directives to improve your physical health
– Expand your spiritual practice by opening your natural channel to Higher Self

Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path

Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path offers tools to deal with stress, relationships, and difficult choices within our complicated lives. It offers an incredible fusion of ancient and modern healing systems in a simple and straightforward way.

The Foundation of Huna

Huna is the ancient spiritual, psychological and physical healing discipline of Hawai’i, a tradition that was secretly transferred from teacher to initiate for many generations.