Empowerment Defined (pt 1)

Defining Empowerment   The three aspects of becoming conscious and empowered (part 1)   I had so much extremely positive feedback from my article on […]

Overcoming Guru-Phobia

Overcoming Guru-phobia: Forgiving spiritual teachers who have let you down   From my Psychology Today Blog:   I received a comment on a blog post I […]

Holistic Forgiveness

Holistic Forgiveness: Conflicting thoughts, emotions, are a sign of needing to forgive   From my Psychology Today Blog:   In my trainings, I often ask people […]

Welcome to Dr. Matt’s Ho`omana Blog

Welcome to the Ho`omana Blog. In Hawaiian, Ho`omana means EMPOWERMENT, and this is the blog for The Empowerment Partnership (TEP), which is our wonderful seminar […]